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WS - Flaxseed Eye Pillow

WS - Flaxseed Eye Pillow

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Have you tried a weighted eye pillow?

By the end of the day our eyes have been through a lot! Environmental irritants, too much screen time, stress.

Flaxseed eye pillows are known to help soothe and relax those over stressed eyes.

The flaxseed gently contours to the face and eyes which make them gentle and comforting.

Available in a lovely dandelion print. 

Inner pouch: Cotton Muslin & organic whole flaxseeds

Cover: 100% Cotton

Dimensions: 9" wide X 4" tall

Weight: 9oz

Heating and cooling times

Heat: Microwave at 10 sec intervals for 30-60 sec. Should be comfortable to the touch.

Cool: Place in a sealed bag and freeze for minimum of 30 minutes.

Care instructions: Wash cover in cool water. Lay flat, hang dry or low heat only to dry.

Muslin pouches can be spot cleaned if needed.

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  • Tips

    • For additional benefits, warm or cool they eye pillows.
    • Heat to help with irritated, itchy eyes. Flaxseeds provide a moist, gentle heat which can promote healing
    • Cool to help ease fevers and slight inflammations
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